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Various Recognitions
We at Makos Infotech are grateful and humbled to have won various honours and awards for our services to the IT sector. These accolades demonstrate our ongoing focus to providing our clients with cutting-edge, high-quality digital solutions and are a credit to the effort and passion of our skilled team of experts. We are proud of the numerous honours we have earned over the years, which range from industry-specific accolades to recognition for our dedication to sustainability and social responsibility. These successes motivate us to keep pushing the limits of what is conceivable in the digital sphere and to constantly strive for perfection. Moving forward, we are unwavering in our dedication to providing excellent value and going above and beyond for our customers, partners, and stakeholders.
Global Business Award 2022

For our team at Makos Infotech, winning the Global Business Award 2022 is a fantastic accomplishment. This award recognises our superiority in providing first-rate digital solutions that meet the varied demands of customers throughout the world. The commitment, effort, and creative thinking of our team have allowed us to differentiate ourselves in the crowded digital world.

Inspirational Leadership and Innovative Tech Solution, July 2022

Our team at Makos Infotech is highly honoured to receive the "Inspirational Leadership and Innovative Tech Solution" award from Times of India in July 2022. We strongly believe in innovation's ability to propel successful, long-term growth in the digital sphere. This acknowledgment motivates us to keep stretching the bounds of what is practical and to promote innovation and quality in the sector

Leader behind an Admirable brand by Business Connect Magazine, May 2022

For our team at Makos Infotech, being recognised with the "Leader Behind an Admirable Brand" award by Business Connect Magazine in May 2022 is a huge honour. This honour recognises the visionary management of our team and our dedication to creating a powerful and respected brand that offers outstanding value to our stakeholders and clients.

ENANTRA excellence in recruitment by Anna University, April 2022

When Anna University presents us with the "ENANTRA Excellence in Recruitment" award in April 2022, we are overjoyed and honoured. This award recognises our devotion to excellence in hiring and talent acquisition as well as our commitment to developing a competent and diverse team.

Best Companies Award by Internet 2.0, Dubai, March 2022

It is a fantastic accomplishment that acknowledges the effort and commitment of our team at Makos Infotech that we will get the "Best Companies Award" by Internet 2.0 in Dubai in March 2022. With this distinguished award, our business is recognized for its dedication to innovation, customer-centricity, and quality in the digital sphere.

IAF promising startup of the year 2022

The title "IAF Promising Startup of the Year 2022" is a distinguished award that recognises a startup company's excellent accomplishments and potential. We at Makkos Infotech are happy and honoured to have won this award, which is a reflection of our team's commitment to providing our customers with cutting-edge, high-quality digital solutions.