Know our founder

Founder's Message

Greetings Everyone!

Makos Infotech was established in December 2020 during the pandemic for filling market gaps discovered under Covid and innovating technology for optimum solutions.

We did case studies on the market, what factors are creating a breach to a company’s growth, and so on. It was all about finding a solution to the market’s problems and bringing it up to the table. We thought out of the box and elucidated with technology innovation. The gaps between market and customers, their needs and expectations lead us to innovation. We focused on diagnosing actual issues and trying to figure out the finest solution using technology that can be practically possible to ground level.

Makos was established for advancement in technology where the finest solutions can fill those gaps found in the market. So, Makos is all about going parallel to technological advancement. Our products were manufactured based on market needs and customers’ requirements.

Makos aims for a well-established organization that provides the optimum solution to business by leveraging technologies to improve systems. Makos understands market and customer needs and helps to achieve excellence using new technology.

We inspect customer’s needs, scrutinize what we’re delivering through products, and the environment we create for our co-workers and teams. Makos believe in empathy and make sure that it should be discernable in the system as well as the products. Apart from empathy, Makos also believes in learning and growing where it focuses on employees’ personal growth and development. The core value of Makos like empathy, commitment, productivity, efficiency, learning, and the knowledge that discern them from others.

Makos creates an environment where an employee can learn and grow. For corporate, learning, gaining knowledge and empathy are the important factors while working at Makos. We make sure that every step should be directed towards our mission while innovating technology. We maintain transparency in the system where employees can trust Makos and Makos policy. Makos helps the employees and educates them in their respective domains.

Apart from aligning values and mission with the organization, we also make sure that our values should be visible while delivering a product to the market. We believe in ''adopting before delivering'' . We ensure that our values and mission should be reflected in each corner of Makos.

In the upcoming years, we would like to see Makos as a great contributor in the field of IT and to the highly innovative products helping companies to achieve excellence in their respective domains. We’ll make sure that the products we have delivered to the market should be beneficial and productive to the people.

We thank you for your interest in Makos and sincerely urge you to review our overall capabilities. All of us at Makos look forward to working with you in the near future.