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Our full range of HR services includes end-to-end assistance with the hiring process, from carefully identifying top candidates to carefully screening candidates, organising interviews, facilitating background checks, and ensuring a smooth onboarding process for newly hired employees.
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Enter the world of outstanding HR services with our all-encompassing approach. We think handling administrative processes is only one aspect of HR; it's also about designing immersive, transforming experiences that empower your staff and promote organizational success. Our cutting-edge HR services provide adaptability, dependability, and enticing solutions that surpass expectations. Allow us to bring your HR vision to life by providing illuminating experiences that have a long-lasting effect on your staff and business.
Muthu Karthic Director, Makos Infotech
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To ensure that your HR policies and procedures are in line with industry best practices, compliant with applicable labour laws and regulations and that they foster a fair, inclusive, and legally respectful work environment, our experienced HR professionals can help you develop, update, and improve them.

Our HR services include professional advice and assistance handling employee relations-related issues. This entails fostering a supportive work environment and addressing and resolving conflicts or disputes.

To assist you in navigating the complicated web of employment rules and regulations, our HR services offer thorough compliance and legal assistance.

We provide cutting-edge HRIS solutions that automate and streamline the procedure. HR procedures are improved in terms of accuracy, efficiency, and scalability.

As part of our HR services, we collect, analyse, and interpret HR data using sophisticated analytics tools and methodologies.

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We take pleasure in our ability to find the ideal people that match the values, culture, and job needs of your organisation. By doing this, we help to create a high-performing staff right from the start of the hiring process.

Our committed team is an expert at managing and administering employee benefit plans, in charge of all facets of benefits enrollment, eligibility confirmation, accurate record-keeping, prompt communication, and smooth collaboration with insurance companies or benefit vendors.

Our HR services encompass the whole performance management cycle. This entails defining clear performance expectations, creating quantifiable goals and targets, spotting growth possibilities, and, where appropriate, creating performance improvement programmes.

Our HR services range from performing specific training requirements analyses to creating tailored training curricula, establishing employee development plans, and delivering engaging and interactive training sessions.

Our HR services offer knowledgeable assistance in addressing and resolving disputes or concerns relating to employee relations in a timely and professional manner.
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