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Modern digital solutions from Makos Infotech transform your way of life.


As a top supplier, our team of experts uses cutting-edge technology to create specialised, affordable solutions to support your company objectives. Discover the ease and accessibility that our digital solutions offer to your life
Web Development
Our web development solutions provide cutting-edge designs and straightforward functionality to improve your online presence and provide remarkable consumer experiences. Our team ensures that your website offers engaging and smooth contact with your audience, focusing on boosting your brand and leaving a lasting impression.
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CX Audit

Makos Infotech Customer Experience Audit offers valuable insights that can be put into practice to improve customer service, the customer experience, and corporate culture. Implementing these changes gives you a competitive edge by increasing revenue, fostering trust, and enhancing customer happiness.
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Augmentation Deliverables

A user-friendly interface and personalised advice from Makos Infotech improve the consumer experience. Gains in productivity, cutting-edge analytics, and seamless integration are all features of our augmentation solution. Businesses get a competitive edge and enhanced effectiveness, as well as time savings and process optimisation, with ongoing support and scalability.
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HR Services
Makos Infotech provides complete HR services, such as hiring new employees, onboarding them, providing training, monitoring their performance, and encouraging employee engagement. We work together to develop successful plans and programmes using our HR policy, HRIS, and analytics knowledge. Our services enable a healthy work atmosphere, creating high-performing teams and streamlining procedures.
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Our consulting services offer experienced guidance and tailored solutions to assist organisations in achieving their goals and overcoming obstacles. Our areas of expertise are strategic planning, process improvement, organisational development, change management, and risk analysis and reduction.
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Makos Digital

Makos Digital is a leading supplier of digital solutions supporting businesses thriving online. With our knowledge and creative thinking, we help our customers achieve their digital objectives in the cutthroat digital environment. Makos Digital is your go-to partner for all your digital requirements, whether you want a website or successful digital marketing techniques.
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Jobaskit is a cutting-edge platform that transforms the employment and hiring process. It links job searchers and companies, making the process quick and easy for everyone involved. It is simpler for employers to locate and hire the best people thanks to Jobaskit's extensive database of qualified applicants and streamlined recruiting tools.
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