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Our Overview
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Our Overview

Makos Infotech understands the value of forming strategic alliances with several organisations to expand our reach, offer all-encompassing services, and give first-rate client experiences.

  • Partnerships with digital marketing firms that focus on lead generation and targeted campaigns are essential to us. Using Makos' expertise, we will deliver high-quality website-building projects to you, our main clients.
  • Collaboration with DTP centres and photo studios is essential to increase our reach. Our clients' websites will have captivating features consistent with their brand identity with the help of you guys, who help us get customers who desire wedding websites or others.
  • In addition to generating leads and providing accurate information about our business, services, and contact information, our partners can serve as initial contact points and raise awareness of our website development services. Makos will handle the rest of the development and marketing.
  • Key components of our collaborations are teamwork and effective communication. We demand that our partners communicate with clients frequently in a straightforward manner, giving them accurate information and project updates.
Benefits with us

The benefits of partnering with Makos Infotech include expanding service options, improving quality and competence, and using our clientele and reputation for joint growth and success in the digital sphere.

Expanded Service Offerings

Collaborating with Makos Infotech gives internet cafés, Pragya Kendras, DTP facilities, Photo studios, and digital marketing companies a chance to increase the range of services they provide.

Enhanced Quality and Expertise

We can integrate the specialised knowledge and skills of digital marketing companies, DTP facilities, and picture studios with our web development capabilities, thanks to our connections with these organisations.

Leveraging Reputation and Clientele

Our partners may gain from Makos Infotech's reputation as a trustworthy website-building firm. Partners can benefit from our well-established reputation by associating with our brand to increase their credibility and dependability in the market.

Roles and Responsibilities

Effectively generate leads using a variety of internet marketing channels, run focused marketing campaigns, represent Makos Infotech as a respected website development firm, and give potential clients correct information to ensure a successful client acquisition.

Lead Generation
  • Utilise various sources (offline or online) to find and produce leads for website-building projects actively.
  • Employ tactics including paid advertising, email marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Conduct rigorous market research to grasp customer needs and target specific sectors or enterprises fully.
Targeted Campaigns
  • To contact potential customers that might profit from website building services, create and implement focused marketing strategies.
  • Create compelling messages and content suited to a particular industry or target demographic.
  • Based on results and customer input, continuously monitor and improve campaigns.
Brand Promotion
  • Make Makos Infotech known as a respectable and trustworthy website-building firm.
  • Highlight your experience, accomplishment, and expertise to establish credibility and trust.
  • Showcase the value proposition and competitive advantages of Makos Infotech through various marketing platforms.
Information Dissemination
  • Give prospective customers precise facts about Makos Infotech, its services, costs, and contact information.
  • Serve as the initial point of contact for all queries and forward them to Makos Infotech for follow-up and further discussion.
  • Keep up with Makos Infotech's offers and be prepared to handle straightforward client inquiries.
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Simple Steps to join us
Find a good chance for a partnership:

Analyse if the services Makos Infotech provides, such as digital marketing, graphic design, or client outreach, are aligned with those offered by your agency, DTP centre, picture studio, Pragya Kendra, or internet café.
Contact Makos Infotech:

Please use the offered methods to show interest in partnering with Makos Infotech. This can entail writing an email or dialling +91 73585 96063 to start the conversation.
Show off your expertise:

Showcase your business expertise in these areas and its accomplishments in creating websites, digital marketing, graphic design, and client outreach. Give examples of how your services may help Makos Infotech develop and succeed.
Discuss potential collaborations:

Explore how your agency may actively generate leads, connect with clients, produce visual material, or advertise the company's services by conversing thoroughly with Makos Infotech. Recognize the commitments and obligations that come with the relationship.
Concur on the conditions:

Stipulate the terms and circumstances of the relationship with Makos Infotech. This includes discussing income sharing, project schedules, communication procedures, and legal duties.
Once the conditions are settled, formalise the partnership by entering into a written agreement or contract. The duties, responsibilities, and expectations of both parties should be described in this agreement to provide clarity and a strong basis for cooperation.
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