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Our Overview
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Our Overview

Our Student Partners program aims to establish a win-win collaboration that enables students to get helpful industry experience while supporting the expansion and success of our business.

  • Our Student Partners program allows students to develop crucial marketing and communication skills while gaining significant professional experience. Student partners may develop their practical knowledge and hone their skills in a real-world business setting by actively marketing Makos Infotech's services.
  • The huge network of specialists, business leaders, and other student partners from many schools and institutions is accessible to anyone who joins our Campus Ambassador Team. Through these connections, student partners may look into prospective partnerships, internships, sponsorships and job openings, opening the door to a prosperous career in the technology industry.
  • A letter of reference is given to student partners at Makos Infotech for exceptional achievement as a Campus Ambassador. This prestigious recommendation attests to their commitment to excellence, leadership abilities, and dedication and can substantially aid in their future professional endeavours.
  • Individuals who partner with Makos Infotech as students promote the company's values and code of conduct with professionalism and ethics as brand ambassadors. Student partners develop their practical knowledge and experience by participating in numerous activities, including skill building, internships, implant training, and real projects, which improves their entire skill set and marketability in the IT sector.
Benefits with us

Join Makos Infotech's Campus Ambassador Team to help us build our brand, form partnerships, and network with students, teachers, and companies while promoting our services and keeping up with industry trends.

Letter of Recommendation

Campus Ambassadors receive a letter of recommendation based on their performance, which may be helpful for their future professional endeavours.

Skill Development

The Campus Ambassador Programme presents excellent learning opportunities, enabling students to get practical experience while honing crucial marketing and communication skills.

Networking Possibilities

By connecting with experts, people from the industry, and other Campus Ambassadors from various schools and institutions, Ambassadors can find chances for cooperation, internships, and future employment.

Be the Brand ambassador of Makos

You can represent Makos Infotech as a brand ambassador as a student partner. You can represent the organisation's ideals, tenets, and products in this capacity both on your campus and outside.

Skill building

Makos Infotech is dedicated to giving its student partners plenty of opportunities to develop their skills. You may improve your understanding of software development, online technologies, and IT industry trends through workshops, training sessions, and interactive learning experiences.

Internship opportunities

The opportunity for internships is one of the major advantages of being a student partner at Makos Infotech. You could be given the opportunity to intern at Makos Infotech or be given access to internship opportunities at partner businesses or organisations if you are a partner.

Implant training

Makos Infotech recognizes the relevance of hands-on education. You can get the possibility to take part in implant training programs as a student partner, where you collaborate directly with experts on actual customer projects.

Live projects

Participating in real projects helps you build your professional portfolio by showcasing your talents and contributions to potential employers and partners and giving you important experience.

Roles and Responsibilities

Effectively generate leads using a variety of internet marketing channels, run focused marketing campaigns, represent Makos Infotech as a respected website development firm, and give potential clients correct information to ensure a successful client acquisition.

Campus Ambassador Team Expansion
  • Find and hire exceptional people on your campus to create a strong network of committed ambassadors.
  • Work with on-campus groups, organisations, and forums to forge alliances and broaden Makos Infotech's brand awareness.
  • Deliver frequent updates and reports on the development of programs, events, and student participation.
Networking and Collaboration
  • Building relationships with students, teachers, and business people can help you network and collaborate, opening up prospects for future joint projects, internships, and job placements.
  • Act as a spokesperson for Makos Infotech while upholding the company's principles and code of conduct and acting professionally.
  • To give students pertinent insights and knowledge, keep up with market trends, and develop the technology.
Communication and Promotion
  • Promote Makos Infotech's services and products on campus by organising and carrying out marketing activities that appeal to various consumers.
  • Plan and take part in events to build brand recognition and promote Makos Infotech's presence among students.
  • Retain a lively online presence to interact with students and efficiently spread the company's brand.
Brand Awareness and Alliances
  • Establish connections and relationships with campus clubs, organisations, and forums.
  • The plan combined marketing campaigns and events to raise brand recognition for Makos Infotech.
  • Attend meetings and events as a representative of Makos Infotech to foster ties with stakeholders.
Join Us

We seek enthusiastic and committed people to join our Campus Ambassador Team at Makos Infotech. As a Campus Ambassador, you will be instrumental in raising our brand's visibility, creating reliable connections, and promoting student cooperation.

Simple Steps to join us
Ensure you are enrolled as a student seeking an engineering degree when you begin.
Demonstrate enthusiasm for social media, software development, and technology.
Have excellent interpersonal and communication abilities.
Prove you have outstanding leadership and organisational skills.
Participate actively on social media sites.
Apply for the Campus Ambassador Programme, highlighting your experience organising events or engaging students and your knowledge of current market trends and cutting-edge technology.
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